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Una Noche

Film Poster Design




Lucy Mulloy


Personal Project

Una Noche, written and directed by Lucy Mulloy, is the story of three young Cubans friends who decide to run away from Cuba.

The film won the award for best cinematography in a narrative feature film at Tribeca 2012, while its co-stars Dariel Arrechada and Javier Nunez Florian, also nonpros, won for best actor in a narrative feature. 

In a story of life mimicking art, Nunez Florian and their other co-star, Anailin de la Rua de la Torre, went missing in Miami during the festival and now live permanently in Miami USA.


Lucy Mulloy won best new director in a narrative feature for her debut film at Tribeca.


I spent over a month in Cuba with Lucy and the crew, shooting stills and helping on set as I wanted to be part of the production and not just produce the final artwork. 


You can see some more images from my trip on my photography site here.



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