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Not in a Million Lovers music video




The Bean Growers


Personal Project

I shot 2,500 still photos on a Nikon D200 digital camera in 3 days in Malta over our Christmas holidays, as all of us including the band members happened to be in town to visit family. 


Thanks to some intense pre-production, a small tight crew and a tiny mirror we got every frame we required. Everything was catalogued, and placed in the right order and dropped straight into the sequence to create a story based on the lyrics about the ordeal of finding the love of your life. The idea came to me based on two factors - one was budget and no access to a film camera and two, the number of photos we tend to collect as a relationship grows. 

The video was selected and played in various International festivals including New York, Los Angeles, Toronto, Moscow and also at the Reading and Leeds music Festivals in the UK.


It also won Best Music Video in the Malta Music Awards 2008

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