Google Deutschland25


NOV 2014    





#DEUTSCHLAND25 is a cultural initiative from Google in memory of the 25th Anniversary of the fall of the Berlin wall. As Creative Director together with Gregg Clampffer, we created a campaign that focused on 25 young individuals under the age of 25, who are part of the new Germany - and are all making a difference in their community with their values and ideas breaking down barriers today, that define the Germany of tomorrow. 

The interactive version of the campaign showcased each ambassador. Released 25 days before the anniversary date,  25 portraits, showcasing personal stories in video, photo and interviews, all posing one question and each inviting the whole country to join in the conversation.

Leading to the November 9th, the interactive portrait of this new generation grew and developed and gave a comprehensive snapshot of a united Germany.

The campaign featured in several media partnerships, with daily full-page ads in some of the largest national newspapers and magazines, and on social and various online media channels. 

On Nov 9th, a Google global doodle supported the initiative and kicked off the global conversation.