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Getaway Black Monday 




Sony Playstation


Random Media

Designed and directed an online experience for Sony Playstation's critically acclaimed Japanese Horror game Forbidden Siren. 

Working together with Xyn Xu at Random Media, we collaborated with an old friend of mine Gordon Pace who lives in Japan. Due to budget restrictions, I had to find a way to mix photography shot in London combined with photography shot by Gordon in Tokyo. I led the shoot remotely over MSN chat - followed by the occasional phone call to get over any misdirection - and we managed to create a believable, immersive world based around the game characters.

Hours of Photoshop later the elements all came together to build our prequel within the Forbidden Siren world.

We then cast all the voice talent and was also responsible for directing and recording the voice-over acting by young Japanese actors based in London.


The studio responsible for the actual game were thrilled - and the site was a huge success with 800 subscriptions from Japan alone within the first few days of going live. The project was nominated for a BAFTA and a D&AD, and won a ONE SHOW Silver Pencil. 


A fan of the game has found and mirrored the actual website here .

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