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The Venus Project






GARAGE Magazine

Working closely with Dasha Zhukova and the IRIS Foundation, and GARAGE museum in Moscow, we were tasked with creating a unique campaign to bring art to the masses across the UK. 


Chris Condron and I formed DISARM after winning this pitch. We started with a blank slate, except for one key point. Whatever we came up with - there would be a prize and the winner would get hold of an original Jeff Koons work of art worth over £3 million. 

We had packaged the film below with a replica we 3D printed of the Venus statue and presented it all in a bespoke fly case with a USB stick containing the film we created below. 


After the client picked us over some leading UK agencies, an intense year-long project took place. From securing various manufacturers, freight companies, new material designs, TV documentary houses and more. 


In the end, GARAGE and the IRIS Foundation decided to put the project on hold. The video below and the 3D printed Venus is all that remains. 

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