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DIOR Homme Bespoke Print Design



January 2017




Working with Mark Chalmers and the Chalming Team, we set up, designed and printed custom T-Shirts at the launch of Kim Jone's DIOR Men Summer 2019 collection with KAWS. 



The idea was to create an innovative technique to creating bespoke items which would generate a lot of interest at the events and on social media alike. 


By appropriating industrial handheld inkjet printers normally used to print on concrete, we updated some of DIOR's archive graphics and classic designs to work with the low res output, the type of ink used and fabrics. The primer has a very low resolution which leads to a unique aesthetic used across our custom bespoke prints for both T-Shirts and the the bags given out with every T-Shirt purchased. 





The Men's Summer 2019 KAWS launch which took place in Tokyo, Dubai, Beijing, LA and New York among other cities. And a custom print design station was placed at every event, with celebrities attending the opening and generating a lot of interest in customers owning something they took part in designing at the event with great response at every event and online. 



Kim Jones, Creative Director for DIOR Homme, using the print gun with our designs on a DIOR shirt at the New York Launch


Beijing Launch Event

Dubai Launch Event


Using the print gun myself on one of DIOR's Paris Management teams' shoes during the launch in Dubai. 

Working with Kim Jones, we went through numerous variations and tests while recreating the iconic brand logo, and other elements, specifically for this printing technique. Once we were all happy with these elements, and how the print worked on the fabrics once printed and washed - we had a bank of assets which allowed each customer to create a design specific for them, as they could place these any of theses elements anywhere on their shirts. 


Design of the iconic  DIOR logo in 32 pixels. Print on Fabric. 


The DIOR Oblique Pattern design in 32 pixels. Print on Fabric. 


A variation on the DIOR Oblique Pattern design. Print on Fabric. 

DR_ring_package_db_0003_FRONT 01.jpg

Some of the design options possible for the front and back

DIOR_BAG_mockup_designs_db04 copy.jpg

Bags were printed on location and given out with every purchase with the relavenat place, time and date stamp. 

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