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2014 - 2017






From 2014 to 2017, I joined a small group of creative and tech professionals on a startup which aimed to solve one of the modern-day issues many people still face today. Mainly, the growing and the infinite number of places one can shop for fashion online and the hurdles one has to go through to follow up with trends, before even starting to match something to their style, measurements and in checking availability in their country. 


To make this happen, we created a platform to bring all the best fashion content from new and established fashion influencers' in one place. Using a bespoke algorithm, which took in all posts the best fashion blogs, Instagram and all other channels  - and matches any products mentioned to online retailers. All of this would be presented in an easy to browse and shop format. All results displayed in your size, with matched alternatives (if items were not available) or even pick out similar styles to suit your preferred price bracket.


Custom set out to make the experience of researching, searching for and purchasing - all in one complete, seamless experience. The idea evolved into a platform for influencers to measure their post's performance and see which ones were making them more money through our affiliate programme and also help them reach an even wider audience.


Susie Lau - 'Style Bubble' was one of our lead advisors and she worked closely with us to create a platform which would make this the platform to discover the latest fashion influencers from across the globe. In return, we would become the only place to offer a curated search by indexing everything the new voices of fashion spoke about. As the Creative Partner of a startup and the sole designer on the entire project, Custom allowed me to create and evolve the brand as a whole and execute every single aspect of the design and direction of the project.


The film shown here was cut from existing footage from various online fashion sites, with the purpose to build our brand and sell our tone of voice and aspirations to potential investors, brands and influencers.


CUSTOM was born out of constant frustration with the endless fashion choice the internet offers and the absence of guidance when it comes to shopping online for most consumers. Unfortunately, after a number of initial rounds of investment and three years of hard work, CUSTOM came to an untimely end. It was an incredible journey with some great people and lifelong lessons learnt along the way.

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